Do you fancy a team game? Are you competitive? Do you fancy a night full of laughter with our Erasmus friends?

We propose a night out with the fabulous game Time's up!!

In this game, you will have to overcome several tests: taboo, mime, drawing, singing, challenges… Like this, you will be adding points to your team (of a maximum of 5 people).

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 18th of January at the Graduado at 22 p.m. We hope to see you having fun, feeling good vibes and showing you best smile in one of the last parties of the first semester!! 

Here you can find the form to register in a team


IMPORTANT: In the next link we would like you to participate with us in the creation of the challenges ;)

The challenges will be added to the tests, resulting in bonus points for your team. They can be faced before or during a team’s turn. 


  • “The team has to drink a shot before its turn” (Bonus +20 points);
  • “The team has to carry out this test in slow motion” (Bonus +15) 



18/01/2020 - 22:00