On the 28th of March 1809, the people retook the small city of Vigo from the invading French army, becoming the first city in Spain to defeat the French during the Spanish War of Independence (1808-1814).

On the closest weekend to the day of the Reconquista, the most important people’s festival in Vigo is held in the “Casco Vello” (old town).

This Friday at 5.30 p.m we’ll meet at the city hall to enjoy a special tour about the Reconquista. We’ll explain the relevant details and features of this historical event, as well as seeing where the main events of the festival are held, how the traditional food and clothes are, etc…

The tour will be in both English and Spanish.

MP: Praza do Rei (Concello de Vigo)

31/03/2023 - 17:30
Meeting Point: 
Praza do Rei (Concello de Vigo)
Vigo Pontevedra
  • Everyone is invited.