Have you just arrived in town and feel like you don't know anyone? Do you feel like making new friends from your own country or other nationalities? Do you want to meet new and interesting people? Maybe talk to that person you've seen around, but never had the chance to talk to?

If so, this is your time to do it! ESN would like to invite you to participate in the Speed Meeting next Wednesday, February 1st which will take place in Charlotte at 9:30 p.m.

We will make two groups with all the participants and each of these groups will sit on one side of the table. In this way, each participant will talk for 4 or 5 minutes with the person in front of him/her. Once the time is up, the people from one of the groups will move one position so they will be in front of a different person. The idea is that you can get to know each other, dealing with the topic you want to talk about in each of the conversations (for example about your hobbies, your countries, your academic background...). It doesn't matter if you don't speak Spanish or if you don't know English, you can speak in the language you want.

We look forward to meeting you all!

01/02/2023 - 21:30