Those of you who have been in Vigo for some days discovering a new city and meeting people from all around the world have probably spotted three islands in the middle of the sea near our coast: the Cies Islands!

As we know that everybody wants to get there to visit one of the most beautiful places in Galicia, we offer you one of the best plans for the semester: visiting the Cies Islands with ESN Vigo and all your new friends!

The trip to the Cíes Islands will be on Sunday, September 25th. The meeting point will be at the Maritime Station of Vigo at 8:40am. The boat back from Cíes Islands will leave at 7.15pm.

And how much does it cost? Since the ESNcard is necessary to come to the trip, we have prepared a pack that includes both ESNcard and the round trip fee for 22€.

The deadline for registrations and payments is the 18th of September (inclusive) or until all seats are filled. Book your place now because the islands are closing in winter!

Booking Procedure:

  1. Register yourself in this trip REGISTRATION FORM.
  2. Download the VERSE app on this LINK
  3. Pay using Verse on this LINK (write your name and surname in the concept). Verse is a commission free app that allows you to send and receive payments using your phone.
  4. Register your full information to get your ESNcard in the following LINK. Select "Pay in Office" at the end. You don't need to pay anything else because it is included in the previous step. We will validate it for you once you come to pick it up :)

Please, read in advance the terms and conditions of our trips. Booking this trip means that you agree to them.

If you have any doubts or problems with the register and/or payment or have already paid for the ESN card, do not hesitate to contact us at

Cies islands
Meeting Point: 
Maritime Station of Vigo
  • An ESNcard of this section required.