Ourense is one of the biggest unknowns cities of the Galician community. It is the third city regarding the population, with a 108.000 inhabitants, and contains a lot of surprises as in the historical centre as well as in its surroundings. Ourense was already populated during the military period, but it reached its glory during the Roman period. According to different historians, thanks to the large quantity of gold that could be found in the area, the city got its name from.

Nowadays, it is a modern, pleasant, vivid city, ideal to spend a weekend in.

What to see in Ourense?

The attractions of Ourense can be divided by the historic city centre, where you can have a look at the monuments and the outskirts of the city and, where are located the famous thermal baths, coming out of the water up to, permanently, 70 degress of Celsius. Watch out with your hands!

Five things that you must not miss in Ourense are:

  1. San Martí­n Cathedral: if you like art, the Ourense Cathedral will not leave you indifferent. Constructed between 1.160 and 1.188, it has a large Roman and Gothic building, that originally had 3 sides. Moreover, we must highlight its excellent state of conservation.

  2. San Martín Square: a small square that provides an access to the San Martí­n Cathedral, located just in front of the stairways that represent the entrance to the northern side of the cathedral, with one of the best views in the city.

  3. Milenio Bridge: one of the biggest attractions of Ourense are its bridges. The first one that we are going to present you is of the recent creation (2.001). It has an elevation of up to 22 metres above the sea level and provides incredible panoramas, as does its design.

  4. Romano Bridge: just a few metres from the Milenio Bridge there is Romano Bridge, one of the emblems of the city. It dates from the period of Julio Cesar Augustus, and despite the fact that it has been reconstructed, there are still certain original works in it’s bases.  

  5. Thermal baths: there are many thermal baths in the outskirts of Ourense, some of them are public and the rest are private. At any time of year one  can enjoy a 36-38 degrees of Celsius’ bath while looking at the city in the background, something you should not miss