We would like that you share your experience with high school students who have not yet had the opportunity to study abroad. To do so, we encourage you to participate as special guests in a class of Spanish teenage students.

What can you talk about?

You can pick the topic, but it will have to do with your exchange experience, of course.

How can you do it?

Usually in small groups. You can use the material you may need. If you need something special do not hesitate to ask. If you want to prepare a presentation we can help you with that.

In which language? 

In English, French or Spanish.

What do students get?

They may catch of your motivation. In your exchange experience you all have learned lots of things, lived unforgettable experiences, made ​​friends, known different places... Is there a better way to encourage others to live new things than have firsthand experiences?

What do you get?

If you are enjoying your stay this is truly a fulfilling activity. Plus, you would meet people you maybe wouldn’t otherwise and you could leave a trace of your stay in a person that maybe in a few years will visit your country, following your inspiration.

Where is it?

We are in contact with several schools and high schools. We will choose between them acording to your availability. You are going for sure with one of the volunteers by car or bus.

When is it?

Write your availability when filling the participation form and we will send you an email to choose day and time.

How do you get involved?

Filling this form to tell us when you are available.

Thanks for taking part!