The campus of Pontevedra is divided in four faculties: Education and Sport Sciences, Fine Arts, Social and Communication Sciences, and Forest Engineering.


It is the only one located in the city centre. It is really easy to go there from every point of the city, be it on foot or by bicycle. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to arrive by car because the small car park’s space is normally full of motorbikes. The faculty has a library and a canteen with a menu for university students, and is located next to public buildings (administrative offices, the Provincial Council, some high schools, a clinic, etc.) and some other services (chemists, cafés, bookshops, car parks, supermarkets…) and the Alameda, a perfect spot to relax or walk in your free time.


Most of the university activity in Pontevedra takes place in the other three faculties, which are very close to each other. A positive point of this location is their being close to football fields, sport areas and the illa das Esculturas (the largest green space in the city).


The distance between the city and the campus is of 10 to 5 minutes on foot. Unlike the city centre, this area has many free parking spaces. It is next to the Official School of Languages and to some high schools.

The Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences has the highest number of students and the largest library in the city. Moreover, you can have a two-course menu for less than €5 in its café-canteen.

The School of Forest Engineering has a café-canteen as well. Some courses of the Centro de Linguas (“Language Centre”) of the university are taught here. In this school you can also find the International Relations Office (ORI), where the students can carry out administrative formalities during the morning office hours, and a registry, where you can leave any delivery for a university department. The office of ESN Vigo in the Pontevedra Campus is also here!

The Faculty of Physiotherapy is a two-storey building reserved for those who study the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. The demand for this degree in Galicia has increased over the last few years because it is taught at a limited number of campuses. The building is fairly new (it is about two decades old) and it is close to the Faculties of Education and Social Sciences and to the School of Forest Engineering. For this reason, Physiotherapy students can take advantage of the services available in the surrounding faculties: registry, offices, canteens, cafeterias, libraries, etc.

Lastly, there is the Faculty of Education and Sport Sciences, which draws your attention because of its shape. It is where the degrees of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Physiotherapy and Education are taught. It also welcomes a large amount of students every year.