T&C Lending material

Every rental of ESN VIGO’s  lending material is subject to these terms and conditions without any exception. The user knows and accepts the terms and conditions, which are explained in this website.

  1. The user declares having received the material in a good condition, having been able to previously check its condition either personally or helped by a person designated by him. If the user opts for not checking it, the user accepts that the material has been received in perfect conditions.
  2. The user must keep the lending material under his control, and make sure that it is used in a correct way. The user must protect the lending material rented and take all precautions needed to ensure its conservation and safety.
  3. The user agrees to return the material in the exact same conditions declared in the beginning of the rental. In case of textile material (sleeping bags, mats…) the material must be washed before it is  returned.ESN VIGO has the right  to charge a supplement of the 40% of the deposit in case this condition is not met.
  4. Any kind of damage in the lending material rented by ESN VIGO that impedes its correct use, will translate in the loss of 100% of the deposit. In case of partial loss of the material, a proportional part of the deposit will be retained as it is shown in the following chart:
    Picks €1/ unit
    Sleeping bag and/or tent protective cover €5/ unit
    Volleyball net protective cove

    €5/ unit

  5. The user must not sell, lend, lose possession or retain the lending material. In case of any of this events took place, ESN VIGO will keep the deposit on its entirety.
  6. The user takes direct and exclusive responsibility of the damages that may be caused by third-party people or other objects, disclaiming ESN VIGO  from all responsibility.
  7. The user agrees, in case of any kind of incident took place: theft, fire, etc., to formally report it to the authorities in the following 24 hours, at the nearest Police Station or Guardia Civil Station as well as to inform ESN VIGO just after the events took place. In case of any damage being caused to the material, the user must inform ESN VIGO instantly and without any exception.
  8. If the user delays the return of all or part of the material more than 48 hours since the end of the return deadline, ESN VIGO has the right to charge a supplement of the 20% of the deposit in case of having passed 48h or 50% of the deposit in case of having passes 4 natural days.