Join the most international Christmas celebration! On December 14th, we will hold our traditional International Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa party between Erasmus students and Volunteers. 


Get ready to go on a culinary journey around the world in one night. We will have the chance to taste delicious and traditional Christmas dishes from every corner of the planet, from crispy and fried recipes to sweet and creamy desserts.


Each participant will contribute with the best of their country's festive cuisine to collectively create a unique fusion menu. Will you miss it? Come and bring that dish that you only prepare at home on Christmas! For sure the others will be fascinated! It will be a gastronomic exchange in pure Erasmus style that will make us travel the world without leaving the table.


And to top it off... Secret Santa! Everyone must bring a small wrapped gift to give to the person that will randomly be assigned to them. It will be a nice opportunity to exchange details with volunteers and Erasmus colleagues.


Don't miss this unique celebration that combines the best of Christmas with the multicultural spirit that unites us! We expect you on December 14th at 9p.m. at Café de Mario!



  • Fill out the form to confirm your attendance.
  • Bring food - your ESN card does not exempt you from paying the €3 entrance fee.
  • Label any food properly according to dietary restrictions.
  • Have an absolutely smashing time!



  • Fill out the form to confirm your attendance.
  • Bring a wrapped gift valued around €5 or less to exchange.
  • We will secretly assign someone for you to give a gift to. Erasmus students and Volunteers will be mixed up.
  • Exchange your best Christmas wishes and feel the festive spirit!
14/12/2023 - 21:00
Café de Mario
Rúa Caracas, 5
36203 Vigo Pontevedra