We know you have been waiting for this, so we want to invite you to our famous I​nternational Dinner:​ the perfect opportunity to meet everybody, eat and have fun in a genuine ESN Vigo style.

The International Dinner is the perfect setting to show everybody your cooking skills, discover a bunch of delicious typical dishes from other countries and compete against them with your own creations; but also, and most importantly, to enjoy a great night together.                

The main point of this event is to cook something traditional in your home countries, so everybody gets to try it. For this, we will provide a microwave to heat your food, plastic cups, plates, cutlery and napkins.

To encourage you to make awesome dishes, those who want to can participate in a contest. There will be three categories: best dish, most original dish and best photo. Highly prepared judges will select the winners. The first prize will be given for best taste, the second for best group work, and the third will be selected among the selfies you post to social media (with the hashtag #​ESNVigoInternationalDinner) whilst you are cooking.                            

The rules of the event are simple:
●  Find a group between 1 and 6 people (they can be made up of mixed nationalities).                                                             
●  Choose a name for your group and register it in this excel  (please clearly state the names of all group members).

In order to participate, you have to register before Wednesday, October 5th at 11:59 p.m. After this deadline you will still be able to make groups and cook, but you won’t be allowed to participate in the best dishes contest.​
●  With your team, cook dishes from your country (can be either sweet or savoury) for a reasonable number of people.    
●  Remember the most important thing about cooking is creativity, so it is not necessary to spend too much money (€3 or €4 per person should be enough).        
●  Remember to write the dish name and the ingredients on a piece of paper, to warn people with allergies or dietary restrictions. This must be completed before displaying your dish. 
●  You should display your dishes on your assigned table and w​ait to be told to start eating. ​You may not start eating before the signal.
●  Please, be respectful with the owners of the café and do not bring your own drinks.                                        
This event will take place on the evening of Thursday, October 6th, at 08:30 p.m. in a place reserved for us called C​afé de Mario (Calle Caracas, 5). I​t will be a private party!

Admission costs:             

    ●   Free if you have ESN Card.        
    ●   €3 for those who don’t have the ESNcard.
The dinner will be full of surprises and afterwards we will head to La Radio to continue partying. So, don’t miss it, the more the merrier!
PLEASE BE ON TIME or you will not be able to try the dishes! Come, you won’t regret it!        

06/10/2022 - 20:30
Cafe de Mario
Calle Caracas, 5
36203 Vigo
Free / 3€ without ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.